Being able to retire and spend it the way you want is everyone’s ultimate goal. If you are wanting to retire in a couple years and not sure you can, use our Cost of Living calculator in conjunction with our Retirement Planning calculator to see if you can. If you are further from retirement, now is a good time to start planning to make sure you meet your goals so you can fully enjoy your golden years.

Definitions for Our Calculators

Savings Goal – Figure out how much you need to put into savings each month to meet your savings goal.

Compound Interest – See how much your savings could be worth due to compounding interest.

Retirement Planning – A more in depth calculation for your retirement planning. Figure out how much your current income will equate to in the future and how long your savings will last during retirement.

Cost of Living – A detailed list of normal monthly expenses to figure out how much of your current income you will need during retirement (use in the Retirement Planning calculator for the “% of current income needed at retirement” field).

Required Minimum Distribution – Calculate how much you are required by the IRS to take out of your retirement savings.

Inflation – Determine how much your current income will need to be to have the same level of purchasing power as today.

Retirement Estimators – Link to the Social Security calculator.

Saving For College – See how advantageous it is to start saving for college as soon as you can for you or your children.

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Age Year Beginning Savings Contributions Interest/Return Ending Savings